Writings by Literacy Plus Learners

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On these pages are the stories of life…real life…what it is really like for those who are struggling with reading and writing in our society today. These are their stories, in their own words. These stories come from their hearts and minds based on their personal experiences.


For many, each day brings with it the fear of someone finding out that they can’t read. This fear leads to questions like: Will I lose my job if they find out? Will they think I’m stupid? Will I ever get my Driver’s License? Will I ever be able to read enough to vote? You don’t ask yourself these questions because you were fortunate enough to be taught how to read and write at an early age. In fact, you’ve been reading and writing for so long that you take it for granted! You are indeed fortunate.

Take a few moments now and read the stories of those who weren’t as fortunate as you. Learn how they think, and feel, and how they found the courage to change their lives; and in so doing, you may also find that you are so inspired by these individuals’ stories that you, too, will want to become a Literacy Plus Program volunteer. We did.

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