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My Name is Ping

In 1958, I was born in Gongzhong which is in the south of China. In 2012, I came by myself to Hayward. In 2001, my parents moved to Oakland. My brothers and sisters live in Fremont. I bought a house in Hayward because I like Hayward. I like going to school to learn English.

I ride a bicycle to attend my ESL classes at the Hayward Adult School and for the Conversation Class at the Hayward Library.

I have a job taking care of a baby boy. I like my job. He is a nice boy. Sometimes, I have a job of doing housework. Doing housework is easier than taking care of a baby. If the baby cries, I hold him until he stops crying.

I miss China very much because my husband and our son Cui and his wife and my granddaughter Wen all live there.

I came to the U.S.A. because I wanted to be near my parents. I take BART to visit them often.

Now, I enjoy going to the Hayward Library to improve my English because the teachers show me how to pronounce English and how to improve my writing. We have a good time.

Ping. "My Name is Ping." Our Words, Our Voices. Vol. 3. Hayward: Literacy Plus Council, 2015. 46. Print.

#FridayReads #journey #Literacy #esl

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