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Resuming My Future Education

I had stopped attending the Hayward Library Literacy – Plus Learners Program for months because I had a major knee replacement surgery last May. My recovery has been a long process. I had a lot of therapy through the rehabilitation program of the hospital. I am still experiencing pain every now and then, however I’m dealing with the pain in a positive way.

I wanted to resume my studies so I made contact with my tutor Alma to meet at the library. Alma is an excellent tutor. She has been very patient with me. I have learned my consonants and vowels and I am learning the different types of syllables. This helps me to break down the syllables from a word.

I am starting to enjoy reading and I find it to be a fun activity. My comprehension when I read now is a lot better than before I joined the Literacy Plus program. I have borrowed reading materials from the public library and I have thoroughly enjoyed them especially the “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. I also read some classic stories written by Shakespeare. They were only synopsis of the story but I found it to be very informative.

I am thankful for the encouragements I have received from the library staff especially my tutor. I must admit I’m not smarter than a fifth grader but with the Literacy-Plus Program, I am determined that I’ll get to be a better student and be more educated. I hope that this will help me find a job in the future.

Charles. "Resuming My Future Education" Our Words, Our Voices. Vol. 2. Hayward: Literacy Plus Council, 2012. 38. Print.

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