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Thanks to Literacy Plus

My company closed in 2008, so I went to E.D.D. (Employment Development Department) to receive unemployment. They sent me to the Hayward Adult School Education & Career Center to learn to be a computer technician.

I didn't know anything about this job and my English was not good. So I went to the Hayward Public Library to get some information and saw a card for the Literacy Plus program. I gave them call to make an appointment, and they checked my English spelling, reading, and writing. I was given a tutor name Alma. She taught me grammar and how to read, spell and write.

I graduated from the Hayward Adult School & Career Center with a Computer Technician certificate so E.D.D. told me to look for a job. I found one as a cook in a private dormitory at U.C. Berkeley. I worked for only a few weeks when the boss said they didn't need me anymore.

While I was working I didn't see Alma. In the meantime she got a new student, and I lost my tutor. After two months later the Literacy Plus coordinator, contact me to check on how my job was going. I told her what happened and asked if I could get my tutor back. She said Alma already had another student but she would get me another tutor. Right now I can learn English again because Jo is my new tutor. I have to thank the Literacy Plus program for giving me another chance to improve my English.

Thank you!

John. "Thanks to Literacy Plus" Our Words, Our Voices. Vol. 2. Hayward: Literacy Plus Council, 2012. 17. Print.

#FridayReads #inspiration #learn #motivation #work

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