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I can’t do things for myself.

I cannot get myself something to eat.

I need a tutor to help me study.

Other people can walk—I need a wheelchair.

I wish I could draw – I’d draw a sunset.

I would like to drive a car, a green car--

to San Francisco and see the Giants play the Dodgers.

When I drop something-- someone else has to pick it up for me.

It would be great to play professional baseball!!

But I can’t because I can’t walk and you have to walk out there—

That’s why I play Challenger baseball for kids with disabilities.

It’s hard to be in a wheelchair—

You have to sit down all the time--

unless somebody gets you out of the chair.

I dream about doing things by myself!!

Eugene. "Wheelchair" Our Words, Our Voices. Vol. 2. Hayward: Literacy Plus Council, 2012. 15. Print.

#FridayReads #motivation #inspiration #baseball

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