Website Resource List

For Word Study, Reading, Writing, ESL, and Life-Skills



collection of videos and web activities on reading, writing, vocabulary, math, and science



printable worksheets on spelling, reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and writing


Khan Academy:

videos and tutorials


Star Fall:

alphabet, phonics, and very beginning reader texts with audio and images


E-Reading Worksheets:

worksheets and activities by grade level for all areas, especially reading comprehension


Grammar Bank:

online and printable exercises on grammar, ESL, reading, writing, and vocabulary


Free Online Learning:

great tutorials on reading, math, technology, work & career, life-skills

English For Everyone:

reading comprehension exercises, grammar, writings prompts and more



Sounds of English:

diagrams and videos for tongue placement, lessons, activities, and flashcards for phonics


Kiz Club:

printables and activities for phonics, grammar and vocabulary, and nursery rhymes with printable vocabulary


ABC Fast Phonics:

tutorials with sound and cartoons


Phonics Literacy:

first hand advice and tips on teaching phonics


BBC Skillswise English for Adults:

great videos for each sound, but be aware of differences in British English




Merriam Webster, Word Central:

Merriam Webster’s site of games for vocabulary practice


Free Rice:

select the correct definition and website will donate 10 grains of rice for each correct word



Dolch words for most commonly used words



Fry’s 1000 most commonly used English words



printable flashcards or create your own


Visual Thesaurus:

interactive dictionary and thesaurus which creates word maps – limited without subscription

MacMillian Dictionary:

visual and interactive language games




Merriam Webster Learner’s Dictionary:

word of the day, quizzes, core vocabulary, question/answers, dictionary with simple definitions


Oxford Dictionary:

fun facts about language, articles about words, grammar overview, wordlists, games & quizzes



News For You:

newspaper written for adult learners with audio, exercises, crosswords – access with our code

Read Theory:

reading quizzes for intermediate to higher levels

East Of The Web:

short stories with comprehension questions

California Distance Learning Project:

on life skills, audio assisted, with exercises for vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension


Cengage Learning Reading Quizzes:

quizzes that offer self-assessment in comprehension


Book Pals:

books read by famous people, with lesson plans for each story


RHL School:

short texts with comprehensions exercises


Marshall Education:

short reading passages according to grade levels, with audio assistance, pre-reading and after-reading questions


Reepworld Reading Practice:

texts for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students, with comprehension exercises


Bible Study Tools:

Bible reading and study


Giggle Poetry:

Poetry Teachers:



Learning Center:

for beginners: practice with paper, pencil, and keyboard

Tar Heel Reader:

write your own books using pictures from the huge collection at Flickr or pictures you upload


printable worksheets and ideas to get writing flowing – see also “Writing” column on the left



English Grammar 101:

Road to Grammar:

English Maven:

Cengage Learning Grammar Quizzes:

Grammar Check Infographics:

Grammar Check Editor:





TED-Ed is the educator subdivision of TED with educational videos

TEAL Just Write! Guide:

guide to effective instruction in the area of writing for adults


Freeology – Free worksheets and more:

printable worksheets for all areas and graphic organizers


Reading Rockets:

research-based reading strategies, lessons, and activities designed to help young children



study guides that are fun


Using English:

lesson plans, reading activities, quizzes, and grammar overview


Washington English Center:

conversation starters for ESL clases


Puzzle Maker:

make your own word-search, criss-cross and math puzzles, and more


Readability Formulas:

calculate grade level of any text


Cloze Exercise Generator:

generate your own cloze exercise

Education Place:

printables of graphic organizers



printable calendars, including templates, religious calendars, and national calendars


History Channel Videos 

ESL learners can practice their listening skills and learn about historical events, holidays, etcetera with engaging videos 

Story Corps 

Story corps has a collection of real-life stories that learners can listen to and relate to

Listening & Dictation Project 

A project by Seminole State College of Florida. Provides listening exercises organized by topics, which include Family & Parenting, Consumer Education, and more


Listening Practice:

Listen to an audio clip (either at normal speed or slowed down), then type what you heard. Also offers verb conjugation quizzes and other great references.

English Daily:

dialogues, idioms, proverbs, grammar, etc.

Learn English Feel Good: 

Using short movie clips, learners can practice their listening skills


USA Learns:

real-life scenario videos with subtitles and interactive exercises


for Spanish speakers learning English


learn a new language with a mini placement-test and track your progress


ESLAN-English Speak Like A Native:

overview of pronunciation issues and phonics under “Free Resources”


REEP Gateway:

animated stories in health, work, and family with reading, listening, vocabulary, and lifeskill practice


Learning Chocolate:

vocabulary on different topics with images and audio


Using English:

grammar and vocabulary worksheets and printable handouts



Beating Dyslexia:

Bright Solutions For Dyslexia:

International Dyslexia Association:

British Dyslexia Association:



USCIS Study Materials:

Homeland Security Website:

US Service and Help Center:

Reep World Citizenship Resources:





New Reader’s Press Test information:

GED Testing Service:

My Career Tools:




Healthy Roads Media:

Medline Plus Health Videos:

Multi Cultural Educational Services:

FDA-Medicines in My Home:

Visiting the Doctor: 



Easy Voter Guide:

non-partisan information about elections, candidates and issues in short and easy language

CA Secretary Of State:

information about elections, etc.


reports about money expenses

Official Election Site of Alameda County:

includes information on your registration status, polling place, sample ballot, status of vote by mail


Free DMV Practice Tests:

Official DMV website:

I Drive Safely – Driving Resource Center:


Workplace Essential Skills:

register for free to access interactive video lessons on work readiness


Job Hunter’s Bible:

tips and resources from the author of ‘What Color Is Your Parachute’


Job Hunt:

advice, guides, and free templates

Bureau of Labor Statistics:

student resources on careers, maps on relevant statistics, economic information for cities, states, and the nation