April 28, 2017

I can’t do things for myself.

I cannot get myself something to eat.

I need a tutor to help me study.

Other people can walk—I need a wheelchair.

I wish I could draw – I’d draw a sunset.

I would like to drive a car, a green car--

to San Francisco and see the Giants play the Do...

April 24, 2017

On May 4, 2017, Hayward Literacy Plus will be participating in East Bay Gives, a 24-hour-online giving blitz celebrating the generosity of the Bay Area. Last year, East Bay Gives successfully rallied over 8,000 donors to raise more than $1 million for nonprofits like o...

April 21, 2017

A little girl in her earlier years is playing on the shore of the lake, running all over the place, jumping and climbing among the roots of the willow trees.

Under, under the water of the lake, she is learning how to swim, catch fish, and grab turtles.  She is looking f...

April 14, 2017


I was 25 years old when I came to live in San Francisco with plans to sell clothes and buy some clothes to take back to Africa.  Within a month the civil war started in Liberia so I decided to stay here. I was lucky to stay in this country because without me bein...

April 7, 2017

Last weekend, I went to the Main Library to meet with my English tutor. When I got there, I remembered my childhood when I was 7 years old.

I used to go to the library in my hometown. Every day after school I enjoyed doing my homework and reading many different kinds of...

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