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Our English Conversation Circle tutors gave us some conversation questions they created and used in their circles. These questions are organized into interesting topics and are available for you as pdf so you can download and print. Check them out!


There are many ways you can use conversation questions in your English Conversation Circle. Here are a few ideas.

  • Print out the questions and give a copy to each learner in your class. Everyone takes a turn reading the question and answering it aloud.

  • Print out the questions and divide the sheet in half. Give one half to one learner and the other half to another learner. In pairs, your learners can take turns asking and answering the questions. Encourage your learners not to look at each other’s papers.

  • Print out one copy of the questions and cut it up into strips with each question on each strip. Put the strips in a box or jar and have your learners take turns taking a strip from the jar or box. Then the learners can read their question aloud and give an answer.

  • The topics themselves can serve as inspiration for you to create your own original questions.


Do you have any original questions to share? Do you have some activities you’ve tried that have sparked plenty of conversation in your circle? We would love to add your ideas to this page. 

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