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What is the Computer Learning Lab (CLL)?

The Computer Learning Lab is a component of the Literacy Plus Program.  Its purpose is twofold: to learn and practice essential computer skills to increase digital literacy and to access software for reading, writing, and English practice.  The Lab offers full access to the internet, email accounts, computer applications such as Microsoft Office, literacy software and printing.  It is located at the back of the Literacy Plus Office, where tutors and learners can work in a private atmosphere.

Who is it for?


CLL is available to all Literacy Plus learners.  They can sign up for one session a week.  Learners find out about CLL when they come in for their initial meeting at the Literacy Plus Office. CLL gives them a chance to get started while they are waiting for a one-on-one tutor.

What does a CLL session look like?

Up to four learners work independently on a computer for 2 hours with the support of a CLL tutor.  Every new learner signs an Agreement Form and gets a folder.  The CLL tutor keeps record of the learner’s activities, challenges and successes, which will be reported bi-annually on the learner’s Roles & Goals form.

How do I become a CLL tutor?

Contact the Literacy Plus Staff. We will ask for your availability and schedule a 30 minute orientation.  You can become a substitute CLL tutor or take on a session as a regular tutor.

How is CLL relevant to my tutoring?

If your learner is attending CLL, it can be supplementary to your one-on-one tutoring.  You could write down websites for your learner to use, exchange emails, or ask to type up writing, etc.

Together with your learner, you can use CLL anytime to work on the computer or access online resources for your tutoring sessions.  Please inquire about availability.

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